The official global online gas turbine end user meeting place – free of charge at your disposal

We at Gasre provide a user-friendly, easy-to-use online platform for gas turbine end users. On this online platform, gas turbine operation and maintenance managers can share experiences and promote the best technical solutions free of charge and on their own terms.

The platform is, and it has become an invaluable online tool for end users all over the world. It is an important source of information for turbine end users. All in all, there is valid reason for to be recognized throughout the Power Industry.

Currently, is the official web service for the following gas turbines:

  • GE: Frame 6FA, Frame 9FA/FB, Frame 9E, Frame 6B
  • Alstom: GT26, GT13E2
  • Siemens: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT5-2000E (V94.2), SGT800
  • GE aero: LM6000, LM2500
  • Rolls Royce: RB211
  • MHI: 701F

Gasre is constantly improving the platform. We are adding new features and paying close attention to the users’s needs. For instance, if your turbine model is not included in the list of gas turbines, it can be set up.

Maximum website security, gas turbine quality issues database, and other features is a web service and a portal for gas turbine end users only. It is a secure forum for exchanging gas turbine quality issues, selling and buying obsolete spare parts, and utilizing turbine engine knowledge and experiences. It is for the end users, by the end users, and only real end users will have access to the website.

The different gas turbine end user groups make up all the rules and regulations of their group. They define the group’s mutually agreed upon rules, the group’s inner workings, as well as who can and who cannot take part in the group.

The’s features include:

  • user database with password encryptions
  • maximum website security to avoid unauthorized access
  • discussion forums with SSL security
  • plant database for shared knowlegde of what parts are in use where / in what power plants
  • documents page (for end user conference programs, etc.)
  • conference & registration pages
  • questionnaires & feedback forms (pre-conferences)
  • sophisticated quality issues database, where users can alert each other if there are quality issues in manufacturing, repairs, field services, operation, or other issues
  • spare parts platform, where users can sell parts they no longer need
  • supplier database
  • subforums for different engine models
  • unsubsciption from forum categories

Plant sales platform is one of the upcoming features that we are working on right now. – a brief history

End user conferences are a big part of Gasre’s and’s end user support and activities. In a way, the end user meetings served as a starting point for the web portal.

The concise history of looks like this (not including platform/portal updates, do-overs, etc.):

2018      SGT800 group joines
2016 GT26 end user conference is organized
LM2500/6000 group joins in
2015 organizes V94.2 end user conference
2014 organizes V94.3A end user conference
2012 V94.2 group joins in
2011 New web portal is launched
GT13E2 group joins in
2010 6B and 9E groups join in
2009 V94.4 group joins in
2008 9FA group joins in
GT26 group joins in
2002 Launch of web portal for 6FA
GTUsers organizes 6FA end user conference
2001 1st 6FA end user conference
2000 Yrjo Komokallio becomes the secretary of 6FA Group

This brief overview does not include most of the end user meetings/conferences. To find out more about them, please read Gasre’s blog posts and/or visit the conference page at

The point is, that the story continues. You can become a part of it, if you are not already, and you can shape the gas turbine maintenance and management future together with your colleagues from other plants, not to mention the future features that can be available at the platform.

Our sponsors, the OEMs, make it all possible

Although OEMs are forbidden to access the’s forums, their impact is indispensable. They are the reason that the platform can remain free of charge for end users.

Currently, is sponsored by Gasre, Arnold Group, PW Power Systems, Sulzer, Freudenberg, Advanced Valve Solutions, Gas Turbine Controls, Global consulting and Mechanical Services, TMMonitor, ITH Schraubtechnik, Emerson, Ansaldo Energia Group, and Ethos Energy. A standardized policy is applied to sponsors with no access to end user pages.

Even though access to the end user pages is denied to our sponsors, they can send dedicated forum messages to end users via the platform. Because of the importance of our sponsors, we recommend that users accept these messages and subscribe to them.

If you would like to become a sponsor with the opportunity to reach more than 2000 gas turbine end users directly via sponsored messages, please visit for sponsorship opportunities. There are different sponsor packages available for you to choose from.

There is a sort of holy trinity to It consists of three equally important parts:

  • gas turbine end users
  • the online platform/portal provided by Gasre and
  • the sponsors, that help to maintain and upgrade the platform and to keep it free for the end users

We would very much like to thank each and everyone of you, end users and sponsors alike! To became part of the end user forums, register at today.