GT26 Users Conference 2019 - Innovation and Flexibility

GT26 International Users Conference held in November in Berlin was a success for Users, OEMs Ansaldo Energia and GE and Independent Service Providers!

A few words from Dr. Chris Whitney, Chairman of GT26 User Group.

Dr. Christopher Whitney opened the conference

The 2019 GT26 User conference was held in Berlin during the third week of November. We had 8 Owner/Operator technical presentations, had presentations from third party suppliers and had technical sessions from Ansaldo Energia and GE. There were around 90 delegates from 16 countries representing at least 80% of the GT26 units worldwide.
The conference provides a unique opportunity for GT26 Users (owners, operators, maintainers, asset managers) to meet and discuss technical topics with their peers and also to get updates on the fleet position, available upgrade options and a range of service offerings from the companies attending. This was the first conference in my role as Chairman of GT26 User group and I was pleased with the positive feedback from the user and the continuing strong engagement.

Famous User Day

The first full day is dedicated to end users only.The end user day consisted of number of case studies on noteworthy events and lessons learned. Also Users Q&A session was added in the end of the User Day where Users questions listed as part of the pre-conference questionnaire was discussed in detail.


Claudia Sheridan from ESB Ireland presented Generator C inspection findings and lessons learned. Presentation created a lively discussion within users.

Key lessons learner were:

  • Identify Electrical Disconnections Early
  • Identify Mechanical Disconnections Early
  • Identify Electrical Isolations Early
  • Ensure to check Support of Busduct
  • Check Electrical/Power Requirements


Steering Committee member Mr. Soloman Prince from Fujairah F2 O&M Company made a case study of failures between C inspections. The Plant follows a new 32k inspection interval. In between C inspection periods some interim inspections are performed to ensure that the maximum
EOH between inspection cycles are not exceeded and Plant reliability is high. The presentation concentrated on findings and lessons learned from the interim inspections. 

Ansaldo Energia

GT26 Product and Fleet Manager Mr. Harald Möhlig presented the Ansaldo Energia developments now and in the near future for the GT26 gas turbine. The conference is the key appointment for end users to get updates from Ansaldo Energia on news from the fleet, answer to users’ questions and to be informed about all recent upgrades and solution.

Ansaldo Energia’s conference motto of the year was “Innovation and Flexibility”, truly reflecting the fleet needs and Ansaldo Energia's spirit, focusing on the high-technology solutions for every market and customer need. Key topics discuss during the conference range from the implementation of upgrades to increase CCGT power and efficiency to increased plant flexibility, from digitalization with a purpose to GT26 hydrogen capabilities. And of course most importantly; detailed replies to end user questions during the Q&A session. Again GTUsers with the SteerCo collected end user questions in advance and all questions were replied in detail by Ansaldo Energia together with lively discussion.

Mr Harald Möhlig from Ansaldo Energia presented the future highlights for GT26


General Electric

To kick-off the GE day, 4 leaders of the Gas Power business (picture) conducted a panel and open dialogue with the audience on GE’s dedication to the GT26 fleet, quality and field execution.
The next day, Simone Serges, GT26 Product Manager, re-emphasized the meaning of ‘Servicing Forward’, highlighting GE’s commitment to the fleet and touched on the main pillars that strongly position GE as a solid partner today and in the years to come.
This was followed by a series of presentations covering parts and repair capabilities, the latest technical learnings and developments, as well as plant and control solutions.
The entire GE session was designed to facilitate discussion and exchange between the GTUsers and the GE experts. The high engagement and exchange have been a fantastic opportunity to refresh and priorities what matters the most for GT26 users. 

Opening of the GE Day

Independent Service Providers

Independent Service Providers had GT26 specific lectures and a very engaging discussion with end users. Below short introduction to ISP services.

Eugen Arnold GmbH was established 1949 at Filderstadt, Germany.
Arnold has a Global network of local offices and workshops and currently occupy around 412 employees worldwide. 
Strategic business divisions are:
  • Flexible Gas Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Flexible Steam Turbine Insulation Systems
  • Mobile On-Site Machining Services
  • Supply of temporary workers for Mechanical Field Service 
  • Steam turbine heating system for fast startups

Minimax is specialized in firefighting systems for gas (for ex. GT26) and steam turbines, compressors, generators, motors and engines, Oil & Gas Industry and Power Plants BOP

They also provide after sales and installation services, class room trainings, technical support, spare parts etc. for the Minimax systems and solutions.

Core Competencies – Special Expertise:

  • Gas Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Hazardous Area Applications
  • SIL approved Fire & Gas Control Panels

The Minimax Fire Solutions Group has a unique range of offering:

  • Fire detection systems and suppression control
  • Water-based suppression systems
  • Foam-based suppression systems                                                
  • Gas-based suppression systems
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Powder extinguishing systems

Liburdi had a presentation of their Advanced Repairs developed and being used by electrical utilities worldwide to reliably operate critical turbine components at a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts; maintaining or improving component integrity while creating significant savings for the operator. 

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) - -  were delighted to participate, with over 20 years and 1100 sets of F Class repairs successfully delivered. MD&A’s San Antonio Service Center is an industry leader in gas turbine component repair and ready to support your future requirements. Being part of MD&A now enables us to  provide users an OEM-alternative for services, parts, and repairs for Gas and Steam Turbines and Generators.

DEKOMTE de Temple offer innovative and quality expansion joint solutions to bring reliability of operation in GT26 combined cycle power plants, whilst also creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment. 
 As a specialist engineering company, they can offer complete product management, starting from the initial design to the maintenance of the expansion joint. It is the extensive experience of over 40 years and technical nature of DEKOMTE that has led to the successful application of expansion joints in a wide array of industries, including CCGT and OCGT power plants using GT26 turbines worldwide.
DEKOMTE supplied both OEM and retrofit equipment to GT26 fleet, with solutions and scope working from the GT exhaust diffuser, HRSG inlet expansion joint, Penetration seals and HRSG outlet expansion Joint. DEKOMTE considers the expansion joint to be an integral part of the duct system. Only through proper evaluation and integration of all the components, such as the frame connection and design, insulation systems and liner plates and the expansion joint membranes, can an optimised solution regarding technology and price be achieved. 
Engineering support in the form of annual inspections or life time assessments are a critical part of the maintenance planning which DEKOMTE pro actively offers with annual plant surveys and condition monitoring. Post-installation, our competent customer service team is always available to help you; either by answering queries or rapid, problem-free complete product replacement

Salko offers support to the GT26 fleet globally through its experience and knowledge of the systems around the shaft line.  Be this EGH/EGD repairs or refurbishments, EC&I upgrades down to standard recalibrations or auxiliaries support such as OTC repairs or BOV overhauls.  Their team members have a large portfolio of experience.  Please take the time to review our literature from the conference, or look at our website.  We are also ready to talk and discuss your challenges, we’re here to help if we can.