Ansaldo at the AE/V94.3A End User Conference: Maintenance Excellence, Digitalization Value and Full Plant Approach

The AE/V94.3A User Group Conference, which occurred 16 – 18 October in London, UK, was the most recent dedicated forum to show power plant operators this approach. This annual event represents an unique opportunity for Users to come together and freely exchange their experiences with their power plant’s operation,  while also being able to engage key service providers with their questions and concerns.

This year the User representation was truly global. More than 90 Users, representing almost 75% of the installed fleet of AE/V94.2 power plants, had the chance to engage Ansaldo Energia’s Product Managers, Technical Experts and Commercial team one on one,  learning about new impactful service solutions and developments Ansaldo is offering to their growing AE/V service fleet, all backed up by almost a quarter century of operation and maintenance in the gas turbine service field.

Ansaldo opened the day providing thorough and comprehensive answers to important questions raised by Users. The session naturally evolved into an open discussion between Ansaldo experts and power plant operators, ranging from health and safety best practices and improved maintenance execution processes to detailed modifications, improvements and new developments for existing power plant gas turbines, steam turbines and generators.

Ansaldo’s focus during the day was a three pillar strategic approach;  maintenance excellence, digitalization value and their full plant approach.  Presentations offered by Ansaldo’s team focused on these important themes.  The positive response, interaction and feedback from the Users was appreciated and extremely valued by the Ansaldo representatives. It confirmed the strategic approach to driving the development of integrated solutions for Users to improve plants profitability by increasing flexibility & performance, while optimizing maintenance costs.

Ansaldo Energia Product Exhibition

Throughout the day, Ansaldo dedicated one-on-one time with the users showing them concrete, proven applications of the most recent technology developments embedded in their service solutions . Booth exhibits were set-up and key experts were present to illustrate and highlight the following : A new combustion AutoTune system for optimizing engine operation, new combustion burners equipped with acoustic dampers to reduce combustion dynamic “hammering effects”, the innovative Generator Robotic Inspection Device for “in-situ” early issue detection and the Integrated Plant Support service, which includes remote monitoring and diagnostics, including their predictive maintenance tool suite, APEX™.  The opportunity for a hands-on discussion was truly appreciated and triggered great discussions with Ansaldo and provided the Users additional opportunity to appreciate Ansaldo’s new and improved service solutions for even better operational reliability, flexibility and profitability.

One evening during the User Group event, Ansaldo also had the chance to invite the Users to England’s Rugby Temple, Twickenham, for a narrated tour and enjoyable dinner in appreciation for their attendance and attention. The atmosphere was great and the five principles of Rugby (teamwork, discipline, enjoyment, sportsmanship and respect) resonated and aligned extremely well   with Ansaldo Energia’s “Power Together” approach to their business.

Welcome to Twickenham

Time to look forward! The positive feedback from the users represents one more reason to  keep listening to the voice of our customers and further enhance Ansaldo’s service capabilities and broad offering. To next year!


Guest Post by

Roberto Masala
Service GT Product Manager, Ansaldo Energia


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